Blast from the Past - Rockey v Wineberg


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History was made that day, my friends.

Mr. Wineberg... We've seen you post on this site. Tell us a little about what you were feeling going into that match, the overtime sessions, after your hand was raised?


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Intense match. Rockey had wrestled Willie enough that season to figure out how to keep it so close. Key was to avoid bad position by taking bad shots (Willie thrived on taking advantage of such position), and stay in solid defensive position.

Willie had a few very solid offensive attacks in this match (shrug/slideby was slick but OOB, single attempt in 3rd, that russian>firemans>high crotch>double attack at the end of regulation). Rockey defended them with success, but never tried anything offensively.

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Thx for the post. My first state tournament experience. I remember this vividly.
Every standing "O" I take part at the Schott , I recall that experience at the Nutter Center.