Bitcoin, what is a good buy level?


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I have been anti investing in bitcoin since its inception. My theory has long been that since it is not tied to any thing of known value (no commodity or backing by any government) it would inflate in value during good times but would be susceptible to crashing if people need their money during bad times.

This morning I checked its value at around $25,000 when I got up. After an hour or so I checked it again and it was down about 5% in that hour or so. At $23,746 5:45AM , when would be a good time to finally purchase some bitcoin? Do you think it will drop to near $10 ? $1,000? I feel pretty good about purchasing some if it hits $10 or below as I'm not risking much at that point. But for the wealthy people who purchased the dip back at $45,000 they have to be losing their minds, no?

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Bitcoin, what is a good buy level?​

I wish I knew. I wish I knew how far the stock market would drop. The dollar is the only good investment right now as it was in the early 80's. After inflation dies off from the impending recession the almighty dollar will be king from all the interest rates hikes. 5 - 6 % or higher CD's will be back unfortunately everything else will have been trashed. Eventually it will all come back but 1st we have to go through a racession and get rid of this bozo POTUS 5 buck Joe.
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