BIGGER BOOOOOOMMMMMMM !!! - Juliette Laracuente-Huebner (Marengo Sparta Highland) - DESTROYS!!! OH HS Triple Jump Record - 41' 8 1/2" (12.71m)


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Does anyone have details on her series???? She's competing with a new hyphenated last name in this her senior season, but she just OBLITERATED the existing Ohio indoor TJ record by exactly TWO FEET!!! She upped her HJ best to 5' 9" for a tie of 8th place all-time, and this after joining the sub-9.00 second 60mH club with her 8.81 4th place behind Bentley's record.

Anyone, oh, anyone with details on the series???????????????
Given the magnitude of this jump, I am wondering if there has been a typo entry error, and an 11.71m jump was recorded as 12.71m? 11.71m would be right in line with her talents of last year, but if she has in fact moved up towards the 42 foot level, that is a wonderfully order of magnitude jump in her core capacities. I wish that timing companies, especially internal ones like Findlay is apparently using for this meet, would list field event series. It is important historical information!
Laracuent-Huebner's fantastic jump moves her to #2 all-time as indicated, jumping up (pun intended) from the #13 slot from last year's best of 18' 8 3/4". All four of her jumps were over 19' 1 1/2". She's clearly on a whole new level this year.
Here's the current top-10 list (performers/performances) in the girls' long jump (indoor).


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At D2 state JLH extends her TJ record to 41' 8 3/4", along with just missing her LJ PR with 20' 3 1/2"(only took four jumps)
Is there any rhyme or reason as to why the TJ isn't an official event outdoors?
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I think the reasoning was it would add to length of meet due to LA k of multiple runways & officials at many meets. I have my pointed view on those excuses.