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I decided not to write anything on any forums in the new year but felt the need to chime in on this due to CC Track Fan's "dead last" comment on the Ohio State men.

To be fair, the Ohio State women were respectable finishing 5th of 10 with a squad of mostly Ohio runners. All of Ohio State's top 5 are Ohioans. Allie Guagenti, of Olentangy Orange, was 5th overall and was not far off of India Johnson. Ohio State has a young team and looks to have a decent future. I have noticed, though, that Ohio State's track team seems to be falling apart a bit and losing some athletes. I'm not sure what that is about unless it has something to do with covid and the decision to compete on a limited basis this indoor season.

edit: after I posted this I saw javman's comments about Ohio State. I actually feel that Ohio State has a good future after seeing how they performed with a young team.

Iowa had some individual runners but did not have enough to compete as a team. Michigan, Rutgers, and Maryland did not compete. Michigan would have skewed the results somewhat had they been there as they have some strong runners. Each school was allowed 11 runners.

Scoring for Ohio State -

Allie Guagenti, sophomore, Olentangy Orange, 5th overall in 20:40
Andre Kuhn, freshman, Watkins Memorial, 21st
Addie Engel, freshman, Springfield Central Catholic, 24th
Hannah Moulton, junior, TWHS (transferred from Wisconsin), 26th
Daniella Santos, freshman, Hilliard Darby, 33rd

Other Ohioans running for Ohio State -

Kalee Soehnlen, senior, St. Thoms Aquinas
Erica Francesconi, sophomore, Westlake
Ellie Weber, sophomore, Coffman
Annie Allen, freshman, St. Joe's Academy

Other Ohioans that are running for schools other than Ohio State. I'm sure that I'll miss someone here as I am only listing who I know and did not take the time to look up everybody.

India Johnson, senior at Michigan State, Hilliard Davidson
Rebecca Craddock, senior at Illinois, Brunswick
Gracie Sprankle, sophomore at Indiana, Olentangy Liberty
Olivia Howell, sophomore at Illinois, Solon
Madie Ullom, sophomore at Penn State, Mason

The complete results, men and women, are here.

The NCAA Championships for cross country are being held on March 15 (hopefully). Does anyone happen to know how qualifying will work since there are not regional meets?

Man, what a weird year, or a couple of years, for sports and most everything else.
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Good video w/commentary here:
Thank you for posting the link to the video. Interesting to note is that Declan Murray is one of the commentators. Declan went to and competed for St. Ignatius in the late 2000s and went on to Loyola in Chicago. He was a 1:46ish 800 runner at Loyola and I believe that he ran in the NCAA D1 800 final at some point.

If you look at about the 1:30 mark, it looks like the guys at the front almost followed the gator off of the course. That could have been bad so early in the race.

It's nice to see another high-quality championship level course in the Midwest in addition to Terre Haute and Cedarville.
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Rohbio thanks for the write up on the girls they are doing ok and a much better job of keeping good runner in Ohio. My dead last referred to the men. I would guess that not a single guy that ran for OSU is getting any athletic scholarship. It is all going to track athletes? Now OSU Men on the other hand is not able to keep any of Ohio top runner in the state. Is that because they don't give them any money or is it coaching or something else?

Does anyone happen to know how qualifying will work since there are not regional meets?
Each conference get a certain number of qualifiers. Not sure how many B10 got but I know the MAC only got 1.