Best Albums of 2013


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Year is winding down so what's the best music everyone heard this year?

For me personally:

1. Ghost - Infestissumam
-this is legit the only band I actively care about at this point and would go see them every time they are within 3-4 hours of Cincy

2. Black Sabbath - 13
-maybe overranked I was just pumped that this wasn't disappointing and was actually a really good album

3. Carcass - Surgical Steel
-best death metal I heard this year

4. Killer Mike and El-P - Run the Jewels
-favorite rap collaboration of the year

5. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

I'll add more later and might even be forgetting something big, was just bored and wanted to get the thread started
My top five:

1. The Appleseed Cast- Illumination Ritual
- First album I have listened to from this band and they are just perfect. Must listen for anyone who likes indie rock.

2. Portugal. The Man- Evil Friends

3. The Story So Far- What You Don't See

4. A Day to Remember- Common Courtesy
- I know they get a lot of crap and deservedly so but they have always been my guilty pleasure band and think this album is great for what they are.

5. Ghost- Infestissumam
- Really the only metal album I have bought this year or even listened to.

Honorable mentions: Daft Punk- RAM, City and Colour- The Hurry and the Harm, J Cole- Born Sinner, The National- Trouble Will Find Me, Kanye- Yeezus.
No real order:

Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Trouble Will Find Me - The National
Battle Born - The Killers
Lightning Bolt - Pearl Jam
Kveikur - Sigur Ros
The 20/20 Experience Part 1 - Justin Timberlake
Overgrown - James Blake
Random Access Memories - Daft Punk
Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend
Amok - Atoms For Peace
That Atoms for Peace album did nothing for me

Definitely forgot about 20/20 Part 1 though. In my top 5 for sure
I liked Yorke's first solo album better, but Amok was still pretty solid IMO. Liked 20/20 Pt. 1 more than Pt. 2.
Top 5 off the top of my head...

Over the Rhine: Meet Me At The Edge of The World
Phosphorescent: Muchacho
Jason Isbell: Southeastern
The Devil Makes 3: I'm a Stranger Here
Dr Dog: B-Room
Forgot about Dr. Dog's album. I saw Jason Isbell open for Ryan Adams a couple years ago and thought he was great, but have not listened to him much since then. ep, what's a good Isbell album to start with?
Don't really listen to new stuff anymore but from what I have heard....

Black Sabbath - 13
Gary Numan - Splinter
Can't believe I just found out recently that Protest the Hero released an album last year. After listening to and digesting the album for a week this is by far my favorite album released last year. Hard to find another band/musician with better lyrics that they have had on their past two albums. Every song has something special about it. "Volition" is perfect and a must listen for progressive rock fans.

Honestly the girl who guest vocals all the time just needs to be a part of the band and be on every track. The last minute of this song is ridiculous and good example why.