Barberton O.C. moves onto St. V.


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As you may or may not have heard, Magics OC Bobby Nickol has taken the HC job at St. V. Mr. Nickol was a Barberton man who played for the Magics in the 90’s. He was hired by Gotto a few years ago and has now decided to cash in on the Magics success and leave for the worst possible team. His wife is a graduate from St. V.

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I am happy for Coach Nikol -- I played basketball and football at Barberton from 04-08! He was always supportive of our teams and I am glad that he got a chance to be the HC of such a prominent and prestigious school.

He is a Barberton guy at heart and will always be considered as such. No one that I've talked to in Barberton is upset that he went to St.V!