Article:MISSISSINEWA (Indiana)58 Madison Grant(Indiana) 00


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This was a Central Indiana conference game between Mississinewa(Indiana) 3-1 versus Madison Grant(Indiana)1-4. had this one as a very one-sided game, as they are often right, that is just what this game turned into though did not come close to the total difference between these two teams.

This game was played at Ball State University, where I set up in the press box, to watch,take notes and shoot pictures, while enjoying the air conditioning. The view was awesome, as I hope the pics show.

The Indians would get the action started with a 20 yard gain, when Heisman Skeens connected with Drew Castanon just eleven seconds into the game. The same combo hooked up for a 38 yard touchdown twelve seconds later, after a two point conversion run from Dorian Mahoney, we had an 8-0 game. I was told the Indians had a very good kicker, but he had a soccer game, so the team had to go for two after each score.

Andruw Cruz would lay a Ronnie Lott like hit of Argylls Randall Fultz nailing him for a one yard loss, with just :45 going into the first quarter.
Madison Grant would run two more plays and be forced to put it away.

Skeens dropped back to pass at the 9:52 mark and he threw a tight pass to a wide opened Cruz, who gained 29 yards, from there on the Indians fourth offensive play,Cade Campbell sprinted in for a 6 yard score. The two point conversion pass failed, leaving this a 14-0 game, with only 2:28 gone off of the clock.

Madison Grant would show some signs of life, when Dylan Brooks connected with Michael Stewart on third and nine, for a much needed first down. The same combo on the same play again connected on third down, with 6:40 left to pick up 13 yards and another first down.
With 4:06 left on the clock Grant would run the same type of play, when facing another third and long, with the result being another first down catch by Stewart. Just when it appeared Madison Grant was ready to make this a one score game,Brooks would be picked off Carson Campbell, with 1:38 left in the quarter.

It would be the Argylls who would make the last big play of the quarter, and that happened when Clayton Powell picked off a Skeens pass to end the first.

The Indians would score again on another two play drive, with 9:35 left in the half. The first play was a 39 yard completion to Campbell, with the score coming on a 27 yard quarterback draw by Skeens. Carson Campbell had the 2 point conversion run to make this a 22-0 game.

After shutting down the running offense of Grant again, the Indians offense again took just two plays to score again. The score came on an option play, with Cade Campbell scoring from 19 yards out. Another two point run from Carson Campbell made this a 30-0 game,with 6:01 left in the half.

A pick six by Kyler Funk one minute after the Indians last score made this a 36-0 game, after a two point conversion pass to Funk, we had a 38-0 game. The Indians scored quick as you can see on both offense and with their hard hitting, fast moving defense.

The final score of the half came on the Indians sixth play of their final drive before the gun sounded to end the half. The scoring play was a 35 yard run by Skeens, and then another two point conversion by Carson Campbell made this a 46-0 game.

Madison Grant, who was overwhelmed in the first half never stopped trying, which shows a lot from those young men, who could have easily tuck their tail end, hung their heads down and come out an go through the motion, in the second half. I am sure the coaching staff had a lot to do with that.

The only score of the third quarter came on a 4 yard run from Elijah Standridge to end a 11 play, sixty yard drive. A two point conversion tried failed,leaving this a 52-0 game.

The fourth quarter also had one score and that also came from the Indians, on a run of 8 yards by Gage Peterson to make this a 58-0 game, with 11:59 left.

A few other notable plays in the final frame were a 9 yard gain by the Indians #11 Ethan Bennett.
Standridge took off for a 19 yard run as he showed the future is bright for the Indians, as far as the running aspect goes.
Dorian Mahoney, a senior for the Indians would recover a fumble to throw his name in the hat, as far as contributing to the win.
Randall Fultz would make the last notable play of the game, when he recovered an Indian fumble, with 4;43 left.

Very Unofficial Stats
49 Plays
366 Yards
6-13 1 INT

Madison Grant 52 plays
150 yards
5-10 2 INT'S

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