Article/Game Report:East Carter 48 Fairview 0


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East Carter 48 Fairview 00
Game two from East Carter High School was a battle between the home team Raiders and the visiting Eagles.
I had a sense about how Fairview was going to look, after talking to some from the area. I knew a little about East in talking to a coach from another team in the area. I took this from this game, East Carter was able to work on a lot and was very classy in not making this a lot worse, as they used a lot of players in a lot of different ways. Fairview was beaten in every way a team can be beat, but to the credit of the players, they never stopped giving it their all.

Now to the game.
East Carter would get a big fourth down conversion, when Senior Eric Carter used the work from his line to easily pick up the yards needed, with 8:05 left in the first.
The Raiders would go to the air with 5:20 left and the result was a Braden Hicks to Micah Adams completions, good for fourteen yards.
The fourteen play,seventy yard drive came to a climax on a fifteen yard run by Adams.Shawn Greenhill added the point after to make this a 7-0 game, with 4:55 left.

Fairview would cough up the ball at the 4:48 mark and East Carter came up with it. I am not 100% sure, but it looked like #26Isaac Duncan came up with the ball, at the Eagles fifteen yard line.

The Raiders needed three plays to light up the scoreboard again. The score came on a three yard run from Nathan Helton.The point after again was successful to make this a 14-0 game. The rosters do not have height and weight listed for the players but one could tell East Carter was much bigger on the lines than Fairview and a lot stronger.

East Carter's Helton would pick up a fumble after after a Fairview catch to set up the next Raiders score.
Even at this point the Eagles never seemed to stop playing, even with the poor stop. The coach's were awfully quiet on the sideline for them. I counted I believe 13 adults on their sideline and the quiet from them were surprising.

At the 2:20 mark of the quarter Helton picked up close to twenty six yards on a catch.
Then with 1:46 left on the clock Eric Cater went up the gut for a fifteen yard pick up all the way to the Eagles two yard line.
Four seconds later, Carter plowed in for the score. The point after kick was true and we now had a 21-0 score.

After putting the Eagles offense back on the bench, the Raiders offense went right back to work.
Taking just two plays to score again. The first play was a run close to fifteen yards from Adams, who busted three tackles on his way to the gain. The score came on a long run from Sophomore Jacob Underwood, who looked quick on the run. The point after kicked failed, leaving this a 27-0 game, with 47.7 seconds left in the opening quarter.

The Raiders needed just 1:36 seconds to light up the scoreboard in the second quarter. The score came on a thirty six yard completion from Hicks to Adams. The point after kick made this a 34-0 game.

After clipping the Eagles wings, one more time, the Raiders were back at it on offense again.
Isaac Duncan would steam roll for a twenty yard gain, with 9:23 left in the half. Then it was a thirty five yard scoring run from Underwood.Listed as a wide receiver/defensive back on the roster, the young Sophomore sure can run the ball. The point after kick was true once again and we had a 41-0 game, with 8:51 left.

At the 7:04 mark of the second quarter, John McDavid got to Gracin Smith for a short loss.
From there the defense continued to play like the old Dallas Cowboys Doomsday Defense and shut the Eagles down again.

The games last score came on a thirty yard run from Charlie Terry, with 3:14 left in the half.
The point after made this a 48-0 game.

The fourth quarter seemed to be the Raiders working on things just to get them on film, while the Eagles looked for anything positive to take with them. The Eagles would get a nice catch late in the game from Jay Fergueson, who had struggle catching the ball up to this point. To his credit the young man was able to get open more than a few times in this one.