Another request - Heat Assignments for several Middletown 4x100 relays


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I'm looking for the heat assignments for two (2) Middletown 4x100m teams:

2002 Region 4 - Middletown's 40.79 state record was set in heat 1 or 2? I saw the race, but can't find which heat they were assigned to. I'm pretty sure that Wayne finished 2nd to them in that same heat with their 41.73 in the heats. The next time was over 43 seconds.

Also, Heat 1 or 2 for the Middies' 4x100m team (41.55) at the 2003 state meet at Welcome. I didn't attend that year and don't have a program from then, and can't find the heat assignment.

Thanks to all for any efforts expended!