Another Age Grouping Determination Change?


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BPYSL indicating that US Soccer is considering going back to old age group determination method (school year instead of calendar year), seemingly with the trapped 8th graders and drop in club participation in older/oldest age groups under current system being the impetus for the potential reversion. Any thoughts/forecasts, in particular from any insiders, including when this would become effective and whether it would apply to all age groups (as opposed to a phased in approach)?


When Klinsman took over as USMNT coach, he was also appointed technical director for US Soccer. He wanted US Youth Soccer to change to a calendar year birth date based development program to put US Soccer in line with how the rest of the world manages its youth program. Now that Klinsman is gone, there may be some that are thinking we should go back to a grade-year based approach. The change to a birth year program was controversial and painful. It disrupted players, teams, and clubs. I thought the change was stupid, and I think the grade-year based approach was better for US athletes because we have a well developed academic sports program at the high school and collegiate levels; whereas the rest of the world does not. With that said, now that the change has been made, I don't think we should switch back. Moving back would create more upheaval in the system


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I think it will happen, Ohio South has communicated to member clubs that it is being "considered" downwards from USSF. If it is now public knowledge then I'm assuming that it will happen, it is more a matter of how it will be implemented. I've heard some ponder that current age groups will be grandfathered out and maybe starting next year, U8s will start up under a grade-year system.

Don't really have strong feelings either way, just wish they would pick one and stick with it.