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Eh, is it good writing if the actor has to explain 4th wall what the character was thinking?

Another link gave an interesting bit of info on another show: HOD. An actor got covid and they switched him out in the last episode, and it wasn't even noticed. The actor was one of the twins, so of course his brother played both parts. Talk about switching sides!


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We were looking up future projects ....anyone hear if the Skeleton Crew for 2023

Yes it’s going to be kind of like Goonies in space supposedly. A group of kids lost in the Star Wars Universe, trying to get home.

All we really know is that Jude Law is in it, supposedly the villain, and it’s directed by Jon Watts (who did the recent Spider-Man trilogy).

Set during the same time as Mandalorian, Bobba Fett and Ahsoka.