Americans may still need masks to fight COVID in 2022, Fauci says


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Fauci is a shill for big pharma.

I thought Trump should have fired him on the way out, but I now understand the wisdom in handing off that swamp rat to Babbles and the fake African.
It is said you cannot take the basic precautions to minimize the spread of Covid....when even school children can handle it. 500,000 dead and your like whatever...


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It is said you cannot take the basic precautions to minimize the spread of Covid....when even school children can handle it. 500,000 dead and your like whatever...
What? You sound like Babbles.

Fauci is shill for big pharma. He has a vested interest in making you believe the only thing that will save you is a vaccine. Of course, that's absolutely stupid. Your immune system is far more effective than a shot in the arm.


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He seems honestly surprised that kindergarteners are good at doing what they're told by adults lol.
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If Fauci and the Biden administration still demands masks after everyone has their shot at vaccination, then it's all about government control. The facade of it being about the Chinese virus will be gone at that point. You either get vaccinated or you take a shot passing on it. Either way it should be back to normal when everyone who wants the vaccine can get it
don't have to is about Gubberment contrrol....


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would like to see where slappy gets his evidence where school children are HANDLING IT?
It's visual. He sees pictures of them in classrooms with them on. Maybe on a bus. The fact they are wearing them means they are "handling it" in his feeble mind.

He is confusing compliance with handling.


Last week I posted this.....
Since the "darkest" and "toughest" times never materialized, the variant strain panic will start any day now.
And right one cue we have this......

You need to read about the variations genius, or have someone read it to you. Because of the variations we don’t know what two months from now will look like.
The spikes that never materialized were going to overrun our hospitals (that never materialized), so they move the goal posts again.


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We reached the point of overreach long ago.
From your perspective, yes. From a legal perspective, no. From my perspective, as one who has seen the devastating effects of this virus, I also disagree. As one who has seen a dramatic decrease in illness amongst my children in school, and the lower amount of students who have experienced illness in their school, I also say no.


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It's sick you bastards cheer that.
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Who conducted this study? The only one that correlated with this nonsense screenshot is debunked repeatedly, but for those who like to post things without checking, the study is not peer-reviewed and was biased to elicit negative responses only. This survey in no way actually represents any confirmed correlation to mask wearing and these impacts.

For what it is worth, local schools have reported higher than normal attendance when not considering quarantines, as the mitigating protocols in place have likely played a large role in reducing overall disease transmission. Many of those on here clamoring for schools to reopen are neglecting to acknowledge that schools are about the only place with 100% adherence to these protocols that are violations of your freedoms. You can't argue both sides.


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No infectious disease has killed like this since the plague. Your the dumba$$ and you prove it daily.
The Spanish flu killed at a much higher rate in far less population density 🤷🏿 You’re one of the sheeple that believe whatever you here or see on social media or tv. My hope is that you’re really young and need to learn, but my fear is that you’re not and just really stupid