All-Time Ohio Girls' High School Track & Field Listing - Top 30 - Field Events


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After much research & compilation over the past couple of years, I've now compiled an all-time Ohio HS top 30 listing for the girls' indoor field events. While my actual database goes much deeper, I'm limiting my initial release to the top 30, of which there is very little missing information (meet/site/date of a few). I'm in the process of trying to track down those tidbits through knowledgeable sources.

As for what is presented, I've scoured available resources of the internet, personal files, Craig Whitmore's past compilations, Track & Field News issues, High School Track issues, and whatever else I could find. My top 30 listings do vary a little from Ohio MileSplit and Dyestat, but there are very good reasons as to why. I haven't documented those differences as yet (they are a handful or two), but I did find information on those websites that were not valid in a few instances. I suspect this was due to the software that is utilized and how it electronically compiles data from meets. Every mark on my list has been not only verified through multiple sources, but have been analyzed through the filter of looking at the performance vs. other ones from the particular athlete and asking "does this make sense?". This is where software goes awry. It can't ask the human question of "does this make sense". That's where humans are needed.

So, without further ado, I present the All-Time Ohio HS Girls' Indoor Top 30 Field Events.



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As an FYI, here are the following comments:

1) More research is always ongoing. Any and all additions/corrections are welcome. I do require some corroborating information on submissions, however. Something to point me to some resources to gain further evidence on validity of submissions.

2) The top 30 performances (known to date) are also denoted within this file. Further research will hopefully uncover more additions.

3) Yes, the running events top 30 listings are well in process, but I probably won't list those till at least early January. Possibly not till the end of the indoor season, but I'm working towards sooner.

4) If anyone has old issues of Ohio Track & Field by Craig Whitmore that they can PDF & send my way, I'd love to review those and include any additional info which has escaped this listing.

5) I'm still acquiring back issues of High School Track from Track & Field News, as well as communicating with Jack Shepard of that publication on request for missing information on from these listings. He has been and is most helpful with info from older eras. Given his position, he has an extensive database of HS marks and is very generous with helping statisticians.

6) I will endeavor in 2020 to have a similar initial guys' top 30 listing for the 2021 indoor season.