All-decade team for XC/Track

I saw an interesting thread on the Virginia Milesplit twitter asking about an all-decade team for Virginia XC. What would the all-decade team look like for Ohio XC? 2010-2019. Standard seven runners. What would it look like in track?

My XC list, in no particular order (and my apologies in advance if I miss someone painfully obvious):

Sam Wharton
Dustin Horter
Conant Smith
Caleb Brown
Andrew Jordan
Chad Johnson
Zach Wills (although some of his best running came in 2009, he won state and qualfiied to both national meets in XC in 2010).

Near misses:

Taylor Ewert
Annie Heffernen
Michelle Thomas
Lainey Studebaker
Claudia Saunders
Jacquelyn Crow
Brittany Atkinson
Like you said I'm sure several can get overlooked when setting the bar so high. I will start with the first that came to my mind. I would take India Johnson on my team over more than one of the super girls you have listed.

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Is 2010 considered part of this decade or the tail end of the past decade? Michael Brajdic's 15:01 at Scioto Downs was pretty special. IIRC, he popped a sub 15:00 or two during that season.

Also, "shout out" to Mark Hadley for his 2013 state title. His 11-second victory is the 2nd largest margin of victory in DI since moving to NTR. Andrew Jordan's victory was the most dominant in every sense of the word since moving to NTR. Hadley and Nick Elswick of Chardon also drag-raced to sub-15:10s at the Boardman Invitational earlier that season which had never been done before.
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2010 would be this decade. Jan 1 '10 - Dec 31 '19. It was a new millennium as of Jan 1 '00, so it would stand to reason that was also the start of the '00-'09 decade.