Adam Silver: NBA to consider delaying start of next season, may finish 2019-20


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The NBA's board of governors met on Friday to discuss the fallout of COVID-19 and how the league might approach a potential resumption of the season, but in a conference call with media that followed, commissioner Adam Silver offered no firm plans or decisions. The priority, as first reported by The Athletic's Shams Charania, is the safety of players and staff, and so long as the league's ability to play games safely is in doubt, Silver made it clear that doing so will not be possible. "We are not in any position to make any decisions and it's unclear when we will be," the commissioner said.


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Not really caring if they ever return to play, to be honest.

Hoping MLB can at least play half a season and playoffs.

Especially hoping football at all levels plays full seasons.


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I'm kind of wondering if the type of sport will determine whether they can begin playing again. A sport like tennis and golf should be easy to start up without crowds. Not much interaction for those two, especially golf. Baseball has lots of social distancing built into the sport. Many players go a whole game without physically coming into contact with another player. Football and basketball are on the other end of the spectrum, they are constantly contacting other players. Far more risk of spreading a communicable disease.

Wouldn't totally surprise me to see baseball get started while basketball has to wait until next year.