A Game To Remember...Highest Scoring Game In An OHSAA State Baseball Championship


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West had a very good team, a bunch of blue collar hard nosed players. There #1 pitcher got drafted and didn't pitch in this game. West was lucky to make it, they really wanted to win the City Championship so they pitched their #1 vs Whetstone.

In the Columbus City League the City Championship game is usually the week of the state Tournament. So many teams have to make a decision, win the City Championship or try and advance in the state tournament. Well the West HOF coach Dave Koblentz and the Whetstone HOF coach Fred Nocera really wanted to beat each other, they were long time city league rivals.

Whetstone's starting pitcher in the City Championship game also got drafted. Whetstone beat West in the City Championship, but West won the State Title. West's #1 did pitch in the state tourney, but not in the championship game. But the crazy thing is West beat Whetstone in the regionals 8-0.

Good old Columbus City League Story !