965 Tournaments and the Midwest Challenge come together and......

After the 2018 summer baseball season, 965 Tournaments and the Midwest Challenge came together to help bring more great baseball to Northeast Ohio. In their last year as solo events, the combined organizations had roughly 250 teams attend their events. During their first combined year they added a few events and had just over 300 teams compete in their events. In 2020, during the heat of COVID-19, the newly formed 965 Midwest Challenge had over 500 teams compete in just their 14U-18U events. 965 Midwest Challenge is known for using the absolute best venues in Northeast Ohio including multiple minor league facilities, college stadiums, and turf fields, having great competition, top notch communication, and Prospect Wire covers their events for social media videos and content.


Starting on January 1, 2021, 965 Midwest Challenge will be taking over and running Ohio Baseball Tournaments. Ohio Baseball Tournaments has historically ran tournaments in Northeast Ohio for ages 9U-15U. In 2021, it will be expanding with a new 16/17U division and all age groups will have events for travel and community teams. Ohio Baseball Tournaments has been running quality events for over a decade and has hosted thousands of teams in their events, totaling over 400 teams in 2020 during COVID-19. 965 Midwest Challenge is excited to continue this rich tradition and host many more teams in the coming years.

Below you will find both websites that have all of the events offered. We are excited for the 2021 Summer Baseball Season.

Below is a list of events that 965 Midwest Challenge Tournaments and Ohio Baseball Tournaments will host:

In the last column, you will either see 965MC or OBT. If it says OBT please follow link www.OhioBaseballTournaments.com and if it says 965MC please follow link www.MidwestChallengeBaseballTournaments.com.

Please reach out with any questions and thank you for your continued support.

Date Event Name Ages Open/Community Event Website to find Event
April 16-18 Early Bird Challenge 9U-14U Open 965MC
April 23-25 Clash of the Communities 9U-14U Community OBT
April 30-May 2 Magic City Mayhem NATIONS 9U-14U Open OBT
May 7-9 Sandlot Showdown 9U-14U Community OBT
May 16-18 Diamond Duel 9U-14U Open OBT
May 23-25 Crosstown Community Classic 9U-14U Community OBT
May 27-31 Memorial Day Bash 14U-18U Open 965MC
May 28-30 Memorial Day Madness 9U-16/17U Community OBT
June 3-6 The 965 Classic 14U-18U Open 965MC
June 4-6 Bash for Cash NATIONS 9U-16/17U Open OBT
June 10-13 College Prospect Showcase 14U-18U Open 965MC
June 11-13 Dueling Dugouts NATIONS 9U-16/17U Community OBT
June 11-13 Youth Wood Bat World Series by Marucci 9U-13U Open 965MC
June 18-21 Midwest Challenge 14U-18U Open 965MC
June 24-27 Elite Midwest Invite 14U-18U Open 965MC
June 25-27 NEO Showcase 9U-16/17U Open OBT
July 1-4 Midsummer Classic 14U-18U Open 965MC
July 2-4 Patriotic Pitch 9U-16/17U Community OBT
July 8-11 965 MC Wood Bat World Series by Marucci 14U-18U Open 965MC
July 9-11 Summer Sizzler 9U-16/17U Open OBT
July 15-18 All Star Showcase 14U-18U Open 965MC
July 16-18 Marietta Prospect Series 16/17U Open 965MC
July 16-18 Catch Them All Classic 9U-16/17U Open OBT
July 22-25 965 MC BBCOR World Series 14U-18U Open 965MC
July 23-25 Quad County Throwdown 9U-16/17U Open OBT
July 29-August 1 All Prospect Showcase 14U-18U Open 965MC
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