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What are your memories from that day 19 years ago? Where were you? What were you doing?

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Like others, I'll never forget where I was at. I was at work and we had some outside bigshots in for an "important" company meeting. Lawyers, bankers, CPA's and the like...an impressive bunch of suits and ties commanding big salaries and consulting fees were all in our meeting room that day. To this day, I can't remember what the meeting was supposed to be about and why it was so "important". We all just stared at the conference room TV for several hours, trying to make sense of the horror that was unfolding before our eyes ... we were sad, angry, stunned, confused, horrified, etc. Eventually, one by one, the outside consultants left, without getting anything done. Nothing. Our "important" meeting could wait another day.
Was working as Director of Database Marketing at the corporate headquarters of Jos Bank Clothiers in Hampstead Maryland. We had a meeting with a few execs from a vendor based in Minneapolis. They flew in the night before and drove a rental car to our facility. The meeting started at 8:30am and not long after, someone came into the conference room and said a plane hit the WTC. We kept on working. A few minutes later, same person came in and said that the second tower was hit by an aircraft. The vendor immediately packed up their stuff, jumped into their rental car, and drove straight back to Minneapolis. Will never forget that day.


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Determined to not let the attacks "break my stride" I continued to work with the radio keeping me apprised.

My production may have been only 50 percent that day, but that's okay. To this day, I don't think it has completely hit me.

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Half my life has passed since then.

I was in my frat house dining room preparing breakfast when the cook told my roommate that 2 planes had crashed into the World Trade Towers. We rushed to our room to turn on the TV. The 1st tower looked like it was about to collapse but hadn't yet when I began walking to my 10am economic geography class. There was a note written on the board in the classroom saying, "No class today. We will talk about this on Thursday." Both towers had fallen by the time I returned to my room.


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Determined to not let the attacks "break my stride" I continued to work with the radio keeping me apprised.

My production may have been only 50 percent that day, but that's okay. To this day, I don't think it has completely hit me.

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That's our 25 percent more than normal! It ultimately changed my life path, that is for sure. Told the step son that If 9/11 never happened I would have never met him he responded.."I guess something good came out of that day". That was a moment.


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Big day that impacted our family.

I was heading to the office a little after 9 AM and had the radio on. A report came on the radio that a "small plane has hit the world trade center." I thought that was interesting, so I turned on the radio when I got to the office. Then the 2nd plane hit the other tower and like everyone else, I then understood what was happening. Then the Pentagon. Then flight 93 that turned around over my head.

I remember the most beautiful blue sky that day - and the irony that such evil was taking place in it.

My son was 12 and in the 7th grade. He wanted to know what was going on - teachers were crying and parents picked their kids up early throughout the day.

I turned on the news and watched it with him for about 15 min. When I turned it off he asked, "Is there going to be a war?" I said, "Oh, for sure." He asked me how long the war would last and i told him we would still be fighting it when his kids were grown. He said, " Good. Because when I'm old enough I am enlisting and I am going to get some payback for this."

I didnt take him too serious because 12 year old boys say all kinds of things, but he was dead serious. Never wavered and enlisted when he was 17, went to boot camp between his Jr and Sr years of HS, then went to AIT and joined an infantry combat unit and was off to Iraq a few months later.

After his deployments in which he served in combat, he came home unhurt physically, and with no long term mental/emotional issues - and very proud that he did his part.

The amazing thing is that there is nothing unique about his story. Many thousands of boys did the same thing. Every time our country needs warriors, there are always all of these ordinary boys and young men who step up and make the extraordinary commitment to serve their country as a warrior.

I was proud to be a blue star father. But I had a pit of tension in my stomach for what amounted to years of time, fearing being a gold star father.

These are the things I think about every Sept 11.


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I was working in a Data Center, the infrastructure was that of a command center somewhat to NASA. They had 4 10' x 10' monitors used to monitor mainframe and server activity.
One of those was dedicated to news/weather. I believe CNN was one of the stations that was tuned in. We saw the delayed broadcast of the first attack and then switched to ABC. We watched the second in real time. Everyone was stunned. They evacuated everyone in the State government buildings but we had to stand down.
There are few catastrophic events in life that are remembered, where you were and what was transpiring around your surroundings. Lets hope to minimize these events.