6 Former Phillies Players Died of Brain Cancer — and Dangerous Chemicals in Turf Could Be to Blame


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An investigation is raising questions about whether the turf at the old Philadelphia Phillies stadium contributed to the deaths of six former players who developed brain cancer — while the team says they've found no evidence of a link.

In a Philadelphia Inquirer report published this week, the newspaper said it began looking into the artificial turf at Veterans Stadium, the former home of the Phillies, after former players David West, Ken Brett, Tug McGraw, John Vukovich, Johnny Oates and Darren Daulton all developed and died from glioblastoma, a deadly and rare form of brain cancer.

"The rate of brain cancer among Phillies who played at the Vet between 1971 and 2003 is about three times the average rate among adult men," the newspaper wrote.


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Interesting that they all died around the same age. But a couple of those guys spent a tiny fraction of their careers in Philly


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I think this may be a fishing expedition. There were many other Phillies who played longer in Philly Greg Luzinski, Steve Carlton, Larry Bowa, Mike Schmidt. , and what about the Eagles, who also played at the Vet?


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Fortunate to have Played 2 Games at the Vet as a Teenager. Not sure about Chemicals but know we might as well of played in a Parking Lot. Was like playing with one of those Blue Rubber Bouncing Balls and extremely painful to dive and slide on!!