50 Years of Girls High School Sports

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Delphos St. John's is celebrating 50 years of girls interscholastic sports this year; 1974-2023. How many other schools have had girls sports for 50 years or longer? Tell us a little bit about the history of your school's girls sports programs.


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I graduated from Cincinnati Sycamore in 1976. I played tennis, basketball, and track all 4 years. We made final four in basketball the first year there was a girls' tournament, in '75-76. The school also offered field hockey (dropped in favor of soccer several years later), volleyball, and swimming, but no softball until several years later also.


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Current Talawanda Basketball Coach and former Mother of Mercy Basketball Coach Mary Jo Huismann been involved in all 50 years? How many Schools used to have Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch Softball?