5 Michael Jordans versus 5 Lebron James


In a mythical basketball league, who would win this game?

Assume both players at their peak.

5 Michael Jordans versus 5 Lebron James


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My only comment is ... can you imagine the fight on the Jordan team for who gets the last shot of the game?


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Now that LeBron has an effective 3 pointer 1 game out of every 3, at least one of those 5 LeBrons is always going to be dialed in. If 2017-18 is "peak LeBron", the LeBrons win.


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LeBron's win and it isn't close.

I love the narrative that LeBron can't shoot yet he is better than Jordan and Kobe from FG overall as well as 3PFG%

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Would be interesting to see the officiating in this one. Since they rarely call obvious traveling or fouls on either player the crying and flopping on one team would be worth the price of the ticket. The key would be calling charges or not. If charges were called I'd say the Jordon's win.


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Lebron is a better passer.Lebron is a better rebounder.In his prime he was a very good defensive player.

With both at there best Lebron can shoot as well as Jordan.Lebron is bigger and stronger.

Lebron's win.