4 Ohio State Buckeyes 78 Indiana Hoosiers 59


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Anytime Ohio State (17-4, 11-4 Big) beats Indiana in basketball I mark it down as a good win. Today the Buckeyes crushed the Hoosiers (11-9, 6-7 Conf) by 19. Leading the way in the route was, E.J.Liddell with 19 points. Justice Sueing had 16 points and 10 boards to help in the win. For Indiana, Trayce Jackson-Davis) had 23 points and 9 boards.

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IU has fallen mightily since the days of BK. OSU has good balance, I like Sueing at PG, good vision and gives OSU more height on the floor, hopefully he can continue his ball handling skills.


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Long time IU fan and I'm incredibly disappointed with the Archie Miller tenure in Bloomington. Although you bring up a good point on the BK era, the train was coming off the tracks his last several years. I could post paragraphs as to why, that's another discussion. But IU was in the national championship game vs. Maryland in the early 2000's, and after the Kelvin Sampson debacle, Tom Crean did build the program back up with a couple of big ten titles and a sweet 16 appearance a few years ago. But as we know, there are a few blue blood programs out here where just being good each year isn't enough, Hoosier nation expected runs at national championships every few years and they got disinfranchised with Crean. I liked Tom Crean and thought he was doing a good job. The thought was that Miller would bring back the discipline and defense that Knight had. That's blown up completely. IU now as a team that struggles mightly on offense, hasn't embraced the 3 point shot and although Miller is a defensive guy, the Hoosiers are mediocre on defense at best.
Meanwhile Chris Holtman is the best coach in the country you've never heard of. He does more with less and has Ohio State playing great this season. I think the Buckeyes are little over ranked however, they are good, but not great team. The big ten is balanced, but not great this year, just deep.