25th Annual Midwest Catholic Championships


25 men’s team and 24 women’s teams from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are registered for this year’s event on Sept 21. The event is held at Indian Riffle Park, site of the post season MidEast Cross Country Championships for seniors. A pasta dinner/social is held on Friday night for the visiting teams and the championship races are held on Saturday. All teams race together, but awards are presented in two Divisions (Gold ~ Div 1, Silver ~ Div 2/3). The Finishtiming crew will time the races with live results online and on their large display board. For more information or to register your team, go to www.carrollcrosscountry.org and select “2019 MCC”


Website indicated that there is a possibility that two varsity races may be run. Will the schedule stay as indicated on the site? What schools are participating?


Website indicated that there is a possibility that two varsity races may be run. Will the schedule stay as indicated on the site? What schools are participating?
There will be 1 Varsity race for boys and 1 Varsity race for girls, but the awards will be presented by division (2 divisions). The website has been updated and all past champions and fastest times been added to the "Past Results" section.

Here are the teams competing on Saturday:

Moeller (Boys)
Cardinal Ritter (Indiana)
Cathedral (Girls - Indiana)
Bloomington Central Catholic (Illinois)
Canton Central Catholic
Lima Central Catholic
Covington Catholic (Boys - Kentucky)
Elder (Boys)
Elyria Catholic
Fisher Catholic
La Salette Academy (Boys - Illinois)
LaSalle (Boys)
Mercy McAuley (Girls)
Mercyhurst Prep (Pennyslvania)
Cinc. Mount Notre Dame (Girls)
Notre Dame Academy (Girls - Kentucky)
Roger Bacon
St. Henry (Girls - Kentucky)
St. Ursula Academy (Girls)
St. Vincent St. Mary
St. Edward (Boys)
St. John's (Boys)
St. Xavier (Boys)
Summit Country Day
Cinc. Ursuline Academy
Villa Angela St. Joseph
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Men’s Results
Division 1 (Gold) (Teams)
  • Lakewood St. Edward - 55
  • Cincinnati Elder - 61
  • Cincinnati St. Xavier - 72
  • Toledo St. John’s - 90
  • Toledo St. Francis - 116
Division 1 (Gold) (Individuals)
  • Cooper Mullen (Elder) 16:09
  • Liam Seiple (St. John’s) 17:08
  • Connor Magness (Elder) 17:08
  • Evan Bork (St. Edward) 17:13
  • Dominic Taylor (Covington Catholic-KY) 17:27
Division 2/3 (Silver) (Teams)
  • Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary – 85 (Overall Team Winner)
  • Dayton Carroll - 89
  • Cincinnati Summit Country Day - 126
  • Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter (Indiana) - 139
  • Canton Central Catholic - 157
Division 2/3 (Silver) (Individuals)
  • Kevin Agnew (Carroll) 16:00 (Overall Individual Winner)
  • Paul Stamm (Cardinal Ritter) 16:12
  • Barrett Scheatzle (Canton Central Catholic) 16:47
  • Will Stamm (Cardinal Ritter) 16:51
  • Nasari Epps (St. Vincent-St. Mary) 16:55


Women’s Results
Division 1 (Gold) (Teams)
  • Indianapolis Cathedral (Indiana) - 21
  • Cincinnati St. Ursula - 43
  • Cincinnati Ursuline Academy - 73
  • Cincinnati Mercy McAuley – 107
  • Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame - 145
Gold Division (Individuals)
  • Gracie Carr (Cathedral –IN) 19:09
  • Gillian Cridge (Cathedral-IN) 19:17
  • Audrey McKinney (Cathedral-IN) 19:41
  • Avery Stewart (St. Ursula) 20:21
  • Grace Bragg (Cathedral) 20:46
Division 2/3 (Silver) (Teams)
  • Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary – 35 (Overall Team Winner)
  • Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter (Indiana) - 101
  • Erie Mercyhurst Prep (Pennsylvania) - 130
  • Bloomington Central Catholic (Illinois) - 142
  • Dayton Carroll - 165
Silver Division (Individuals)
  • Theresa Hagey (St. Vincent-St. Mary) 18:51 (Overall Individual Winner)
  • Mary Anna Wehrle (Cardinal Ritter) 18:53
  • Mariah Wehrle (Cardinal Ritter) 19:38
  • Jenna Gruber (Cardinal Ritter) 19:39
  • Amelia Moll (St. Vincent-St. Mary) 19:53


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Where were St. X's top runners?
In past years St X often took their top team to Trinity-Valkyrie in Louisville. That race was also this past weekend but St X was not there.They were originally going to run in Louisville but did not. The MW Catholic and Trinity meets typically do not fall on the weekend but did this year.