2023 Post Season Interview with Name: Bryce Hinsdale WR/DB/P/K Panama Central School (Clymer/Sherman/Panama Wolfpack)


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Name: Bryce Hinsdale

School: Panama Central School (Clymer/Sherman/Panama Wolfpack)

Class: 2025

Positions: WR/DB/P/K

Can you tell the readers what it is like to have three home fields and then explain why CSP has three home fields?

CSP is a football program that combines three small rural schools in western New York. The CSP was created in 2015 when each school was having difficulty fielding competitive football teams. Due to this merger, we rotate our home games among three fields during the season. Having three home fields is definitely different, but my teammates and I have never experienced having a single home field. I’ve been a part of CSP since 7th grade, so it’s just what we do, and each of the fields feels like home to us. We practice at different schools and fields each week, and if we are home that week, we practice at that field for the week. Homecoming, Senior Day, and playoff games are rotated each year. Despite the fact that it is unique, we all come together and play the game we love on any of the three fields, thanks to our coaches and the administrations of our schools.

Going into the 2022 season, what were your top two goals for yourself? Did you hit those goals?
After the 2021 season ended, I knew I had to make more of an impact if we were going to be successful as a team. Coach Harper challenged me in the off-season as well. I worked with both a WR coach, Coach Overton, and a kicking coach, former NFL kicker Mike Vanderjagt, throughout the spring and summer. I set a goal of having 70 receptions and receiving 700 yards this season. Thanks to the help of my teammates and coaches, I was able to meet these goals by having 74 receptions and 761 yards.

After CSP had completed all practices leading up to the start of the season, what were your top three goals for the team, and did the team achieve those goals?
After camp was over, my teammates and I both had high expectations. One goal we had was to win the section and go on to win the NYS Championship. Many of my teammates, including me, had siblings who were a part of the 2018 and 2019 CSP State Championship teams. Those teams showed us what is possible, and we want to achieve similar success. Each week, leading up to game day, the number one goal was to win that game. We were unable to win the section and go to the state championship after falling to a very talented Randolph team in the second round of the playoffs.

Looking back at the 2022 season and the way you performed, what are the main things you have to improve on to become a better player?
The main things I need to improve on for the 2023 season are to get bigger, faster, and stronger. I also need to improve on how many times I get in the end zone and focus on breaking more tackles. As I mature, I am hopeful my leadership role will also continue to grow.

What were the high and low points of the 2022 season?
In the 2022 season, the high point of our season would have to be the CSP vs. Franklinville/Ellicottville game in Clymer. It was a battle that ended with CSP as the victor on a game-winning field goal. The low point of the season was losing in the playoffs. Just knowing that the season was now over and that I wouldn’t be playing with the seniors anymore was a hard pill to swallow. That loss will drive our offseason preparations.

What win meant the most to you? Please explain why.
The win that meant the most to me was the game against Franklinville/Ellicottville. Not only did I set the WNY record for receptions in a game along with kicking the winning field goal as time expired, but I also played a role in all 22 points scored in the win. Three field goals and two touchdowns

Who and what team did the best player CSP play for belong to, and what made him so good?
The running back for Randolph, Xander Hind, was the best player CSP faced all year. He was able to hit the hole hard and accelerate very quickly. He was a very difficult back to tackle, as he could usually break a number of tackles before being brought down.

What will you remember the most from the 2023 class?
This year was a challenge for the seniors. We had two seniors go out in week two with season-ending injuries, and then our starting middle linebacker got injured in the first playoff game and couldn’t play in the second. The senior class this year has taught my teammates and me how to overcome adversity and stick together as a team.

Who was the best team CSP faced in 2022, and what made them so tough?
Randolph was by far the best team CSP faced this year. They had Xander Hind in the backfield and very strong and powerful O and D lines due to the number of seniors on their team. They were able to run it down the whole field and score while taking a large portion of time off the clock.

As far as road games went last season, which stadium did you enjoy playing at the most? Why?
Although there is nothing better than playing in front of our home crowd, Cattaraugus/Little Valley was the most fun to play at. They are one of the few teams that have turf in our league, and it's always fun to play on a field like theirs under the lights after playing on grass so much.
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