2023 Post-season interview with Miguel Rodriguez DB/Safety from Dixie Heights High School


Well-known member
Name: Miguel Rodriguez

School: Dixie Heights High School

Class: 2024

Positions played: safety/defensive Back

What goals did you set for yourself entering the 2022 season? Did you achieve those goals?
At least 1 or more interceptions, being in the top 5 on the team with tackles, and becoming a leader among the team—I can proudly say I achieved all three of my goals this season, as well as helping establish a new leadership program at Dixie.

After spring practices, what were the three biggest goals you had set for your team, and did the team achieve those goals?
Becoming a closer team and family. Also, become more disciplined as a team. I believe last season brought us together and made us a closer team.

What were the high and low points of the season?
Our highest point of the season was definitely our win again, Scott; our team really needed it after a shaky season. Our lowest was against Highlands when unfortunately we were not able to come out with a win.

Who was the best team Dixie Heights faced last season, and what made them so good?
I believe the best team we played this year was Ballard; they were extremely fundamental in everything they did and had very talented players.

In your opinion, who was the best player you went up against last season, and which team did he play for?
I think the best player I went up against this year was Willie Rodriguez out of Covington Catholic. The main reason being that he is my cousin and best friend, but the second reason being that he’s an outstanding football player.

Looking back at all of the road games you played, which stadium did you enjoy playing at the most? Explain.
The stadium I enjoyed playing at the most was Beechwood. They have so much pride in their school,and the stadium was packed, which really made you realize how special Friday nights are to people.

Of the positions, you played last season, which one was the hardest? Explain.
Defensive Back was the hardest position and arguably the hardest on the field. You have to learn the route the receiver is running while he is running it, and then on top of that, you have so many more responsibilities.

Of the lessons, you learned during the 2022 season, which one will you be able to use to be an even better player this season?
No one person can win the game; you have to play as a family and as a team. No selfishness

Which game from last season will you remember the most? Explain
I will always remember the Cooper game at Dixie because of the awesome pass deflection into an interception that I had.

Can you share with the readers any colleges that have been recruiting you?
Recently, Thomas More and Ohio Wesleyan have started talking to me, but I have not received any offers as of yet. I am very excited for the season.
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