2023 Post-Season interview with Jamestown (NY) QB Jack Carlson


Well-known member
Name: Jack Carlson

School: Jamestown (NY)

Class: 2024

Positions played:

What will you miss most about the Class of 2023?
The seniors

What were the high and low points of the season?
A high point of last season was how close I was to my teammates. The only low point was the loss to Hilton.

Who was the best player? Jamestown went up against last season which team did he play for and what made him so good?
The Hilton High School running back; he was short and quick with a big body, and when he hit, we felt it.

Which team was the best that Jamestown faced last season? What made them so

The hardest team we faced was West Seneca West; they had athletes all over and a good young quarterback.

Which game from last season will you remember the most? Explain.
The game that I remember most is the West Seneca-West game. I got a pick-six to close the game.

Looking back at all of the road games you played, which stadium did you enjoy playing at the most? Explain.
My favorite stadium I played at last year was High Mark. To play at an NFL field was really special.

What goals had you set for yourself entering the 2022 season? Did you achieve those goals?
My goal was to win the league, section, and states. I got two complete; now I have to get the states. I’m going to try again next year.

After all of the practices leading up to the first game, what were the biggest goals you had set for yourself, and did you achieve those goals?
Last season was my first time ever playing defense, and I was hoping I would do well, which I did, and I loved it, but I was nervous.

What did you learn most about yourself that you will use to become a better player this season?
I learned that I’m more than a "stay in the pocket" quarterback; I can run and throw, and I’m hoping I play defense as well.

Can you share with the readers any colleges that have been recruiting you?
There are no offers yet.