2023 Post season interview with Cagney Smith Cornell (PA) high school grad


Well-known member
Name Cagney Smith

High School Cornell High School

College Team California (PA) University

Positions played: Defensive Line & Offensive line

In looking back at your senior year at Cornell, what was it like walking off the field after your last game?
It was horrible coming into the game we knew if we won we would be in the dance if we lost it was over we fought hard the entire game...

Which game from your senior year will you remember the most? Explain.
The game I will remember the most will be Vs Union will probably be the second most physical game we played

Which teammate or teammates will you miss the most from Cornell?
I don’t do favoritism I’ll miss all my brothers and coaches the most we locked in

When I last interviewed you, you said it was important to be able to play in an all-star game after your senior year. Did you get to play in any? If so, what was that experience like?
I haven’t played in one yet hopefully, we make it to one before its too late !!!

What are you going to miss the most from playing high school football?
Being with my family and the memories we built from January to November I’ll never forget that

What is the one thing, if any, that you would do differently if you could, as far as your high school football career goes?
Play my 9th grade! I regret it every day!

What was the biggest lesson you learned about yourself that you will carry into your first year of college football to aid you in becoming a better player?
Keep working and never be satisfied

What made you sign with California (PA)? University?
The brotherhood they have coach Craig treats me like I’m one of his own and I felt like this is the place I need to be to grow and get better !

What is the one goal you have set for yourself as far as your first year at college goes on the football field?
Weak things break so don’t break ..

What are you going to major in at college?
Safety Management!