2023 Ohio HS Football TV, Radio, Internet Streaming Broadcasts (Week 14)

Pretty basic. Allowing schools to continue to stream their own games would reduce their streaming revenue.
No one was talking about allowing the schools to stream their own games. Rather, the subject was having an all-games pass instead of requiring multiple single-game purchases.

Example: There are 28 games tonight. I'd like to catch parts of 10-12 of them. Would I pay $20 to do that? Most likely. Would I pay $100-$120? NFW. There's only one game that's worth $10 to me. And so, OHSAA gets $10 instead of $20. Revenue lost.
Read the threads because people are talking about OHSAA not allowing schools to stream their games as they do during the season.
Pretty basic. Allowing schools to continue to stream their own games would reduce their streaming revenue. By the way, OHSAA turned a profit of nearly $6M in ‘22 according to their filing. Keep in mind that is after paying expenses and salaries of up to $200k
I think you missed the point, his post wasn't talking about allowing them to stream their own games but about having an all game pass for say $20 that allows you to watch all of the live games on boxcast as opposed to just 1 for $10 each so he could flip through the different broadcasts and see what the other games are doing. It would actually be genius and would increase the revenue by an additional $10 per person who does that who would otherwise only spend $10 for just one game.
Such a money pit so many schools have broadcast for there fans and the ohsaa comes in a swipes up money from a tv contract to screw the little community broadcast it’s about time the OHSAA gets dropped from controlling this market. All schools broadcast for free yet the OHSAA gets there hands in everyone’s pockets from ticket sales to live streams it’s an issue and needs to be fixed. Give schools the rights to broadcast and let spectrum go!!
Couldn't agree more!
Big Time Sports TV will be LIVE streaming our TV broadcast FREE world wide of the West Jefferson vs Garaway Friday Night at 7pm. Watch for Free at bigtimesportsohio.com
Thank you to all of our sponsors. Without our sponsors we would not be able to Bring you Free Stream and Free TV Games.
I don't easily grasp the rules of who can stream or not once the games moved to neutral sites. But I very much appreciate BTSTV broadcasting the Garaway/West Jefferson game. I was totally expecting a better game but, nonetheless, I am grateful to have been able to watch a game. Thank you!!! 🙌🏻👏🏻😁
Is the OHSAA at least able to break even? Or should it appease the weekly parade of whiney cheapskates in this forum who expect everything for free?
Trust Me Vet Observer. There is nothing that is Free99.
It would be nice if The OHSAA at least attempted to perform like
a 501C. Not aNot a Money Hungry Cash Cow. Their Greed is not a
Good Look.😎😎😎