2020 Rock and Roll HOF Nominees


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Uh..maybe lighten up, Francis ?

take a walk and enjoy the fall leaves tomorrow
Oh dismal mourning...
I open my weary eyes once again
My life has been left hollow and ashes have filled the gorge of my within
Last night I hoped and wished I'd die in my sleep but no catharsis was granted to
Will this pain ever pass?
The enchanting perfume of winter and the bleak, cold breath of her still haunts
Oportet ubique pulchritudinem evanescere

:) thanks for the advice!!!! will do.....


Saw the Doobie Brothers with Santana at Blossom a couple months ago. They were pretty good. Not sure they’re greats who belong in the rock HOF, though.
Doobie Brothers of today are no where near as good as they once were. Some of these older bands amaze me at how well they still entertain live but the Doobie's are one that I don't think do well today.

I saw the Righteous Brothers this summer with Bill Medley and he really nailed it. For how old he is he put on a really powerful show.