2020 Open Dates


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Updated Wednesday afternoon with Fairborn's cancellations of Weeks 3 and 4 due to West Carrollton's Covid case.


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Sounds like WV had a whole rash of cancellations, perhaps due to their covid rating system


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Kirtland has a state best 33 game winning streak and the Kirtland players told their coach they were up for a challenge. Solon had opponents set for weeks 4 & 6, but weren't able to find a week 5 team that was available. Solon knows that Kirtland, despite being D5, will still be a formidable opponent after the Hornets beat D1 Shaker Hts 35-10 in week 2.


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Week 4
Cincinnati Walnut Hills @ Cincinnati Withrow
Cincinnati Hughes @ Cincinnati Western Hills

Week 5
Cincinnati Elder @ Cincinnati Walnut Hills

Week 6
Cincinnati Walnut Hills @ West Clermont (Does this mean Sycamore and Middletown will be playing each other)?
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Wednesday afternoon update. A few added since Cincinnati Public Schools updated schedules have been released.