2020 Fantasy


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I've got an interesting keeper decision to make. I have Lamar Jackson in the 8th round. Normally, I am against keeping quarterbacks, but Jackson is a freak. The other option I am considering is Kareem Hunt in the 11th round. The way our league works, you lose the draft pick for the round you selected them in... Thoughts?


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I never draft QBs early...in our 14 team league, there are typically 2 or 3 teams that have drafted their backup QB before I jump in and get my first one...but I would be all over Jackson in the 8th (and that's coming from a Brown's fan).


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Jackson is far more impactful than anyone you'll be able to get in the 8th. Hunt's good but who knows what his role will be at this point. I'm not an early QB guy, but Jackson for an eighth is hard to pass up.


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Jackson in the 8th rd is a no brainer. If you want Hunt, wait until the 11th rd to take him, if someone else takes him before that, you still win.