2020 Cleveland Browns


Go Buckeyes
Game was alot closer than I expected. Should have been even closer if not for a couple mistakes. Browns were legitimate today and could have been the winner even if Mahomes stayed healthy the whole game.

It will be interesting to see if Mahomes is cleared for next week.


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Today he lost game.
Andrew Berry not getting any difference makers on defense had more to do with that today than Stefanski. Joe Woods is a close second.

It was a fantastic year with huge improvement. I am really not trying to blame any one person. Just making a point. They lost to and were competitive with the best team in football. Huge steps this year and hiring Stefanski was the biggest part of that progress.


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who is looking foward to next year?
That’s all there is. The season is over. All hopes turn to next year. There shouldn’t be any back-slapping or smiles. Moral victories are for losers. There was a great opportunity and they blew it. They may never be in that position again. No guarantees.