2020-2021 Season

With the season right around the corner and no communication one way or the other from OHSAA except a late survey are there any thoughts on the upcoming season?

some questions to ponder

How many practices pool are not allowing teams to practice or host meets?

Will OHSAA allow virtual meets?

How will district and state meets look like?

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There is only one person that has the answers and that would be Richard Michael DeWine. He is running the state as a dictatorship so there is no way to make any plans as he has all under his control.


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Ask your local club coach. Since most of their pools are used for high school meets and they are often also high school team coaches, they will be read in on the situation. Most national meets for next year/later winter/spring are on.
When did OHSAA change rules on when teams could start organized practice? I always thought it was last week of October or first week of November not beginning of September.


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Correct. Club starts in middle of September. The club season last until mid-December, cut over mid December, swim high school meets and invitations through the state championships, cut back over in mid Feb and swim club league, Regional and National Championships. If you are really special, you get a waiver and swim the pro circuit even January. Been doing it this way forever. Swimming is one of the few sports that allows one to practice with club while swimming for high school.