2019 Year In Review

How many varsity games did you attend this season?

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For lifetime totals, I’ve now seen 1,164 different teams play in 336 different stadiums. This year, I saw 191 different teams play 98 games in 49 different stadiums in 16 different states.

In games I’ve attended, there were 5,087 total points scored, for an average of 51.91 points per game (a 0.07/game drop from last year). The cumulative score was 3592-1495, for an average score of 36.65 to 15.26. Compared to 37.13-14.92 last year. There were 10 shutouts this season, and the most points were 74 scored by Southern Columbia in a PIAA Class 2A Championship. Most total points in a game, was 110 between Blum (TX) and McLean (TX) in a 6-man championship game in Texas.
All tolled, I spent $2449.73 to attend 98 games this season. That equaled $24.99 per game.
LCF beat me by two games this year. Mostly because we carpooled to the same games often this year.

So how many games did all of yappi get to this year?

My last decade:

2010: 55
2011: 73
2012: 100
2013: 100
2014: 127
2015: 97
2016: 84
2017: 86
2018: 118
2019: 98

Total: 938

2019 Season

98 Games
191 Teams
49 Stadiums
16 States

102 New Teams
36 New Stadiums

1,164 Different Teams
336 Different Stadiums

1,038 Games

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Favorites Photos from 2019 season:

Monticello (UT) v. Monument Valley (UT)

Laurel (PA) v. Mohawk (PA)

West Greene (PA) v. Cameron (WV)

Norwalk St. Paul (OH) v. Northgate (PA)

Punxsutawney (PA) v. Brookville (PA)

Leetonia (OH) v. Sebring McKinley (OH)

Youngstown East (OH) v. Pittsburgh Perry (PA)

Rising Star (TX) v. Stephenville Three Way (TX)

Ellis (KS) v. LaCrosse (KS)

Atwater Waterloo (OH) v. McDonald (OH) at Marlington's Duke Stadium (Homecoming, obviously)

Freeport (PA) v. Deer Lakes (PA)

Freeport (PA) v. Deer Lakes (PA)

Fredonia (NY) v. Portville (NY)

Wiley (CO) v. Holly (CO) (8-Man)

Wiley (CO) v. Holly (CO) (8-Man)

Arvada Pomona (CO) v. Littleton Columbine (CO)

Moorcroft (WY) v. Glenrock (WY)

Savage (MT) v. Wibaux (MT) (6-Man)

DeForest (WI) v. Reedsburg (WI)

Marion (IL) v. Troy Triad (IL)


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Orchard Park (NY) v. Lancaster (NY) -- NYSPHSAA Section 6 Class AA Championship

Franklinville/Ellicottville (NY) v. Clymer/Sherman/Panama (NY) -- NYSPHSAA Section 6 Class D Championship

Wyoming (PA) v. Central Valley (PA) -- PIAA Class 3A Championship

Central Dauphin (PA) v. Philadelphia St. Joseph's Prep (PA) -- PIAA Class 6A Championship

Wesleyan (GA) v. Eagle's Landing Christian (GA) -- GHSA Class 1A Private Championship

Marietta (GA) v. Valdosta Lowndes (GA) -- GHSA Class 7A Championship

Mart (TX) v. Hamlin (TX) -- UIL Class 2AD2 Championship

Pearland Shadow Creek (TX) v. Denton Ryan (TX) -- UIL Class 5AD1 Championship

Houston North Shore (TX) v. Duncanville (TX) -- UIL Class 6AD1 Championship

Denton Guyer (TX) v. Austin Westlake (TX) -- UIL Class 6AD2 Championship
Run Throughs are a big deal in Texas.

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My travels also continued this year, as well. Two new states added to my county list:


After not getting a single new county all of 2018 I got around a bit this year. Getting Northeastern Montana taken care of, albeit just three rather remote, small counties, finally got my 38th state done. Have a few counties in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic left. Most are scattered in odd locations that I missed for one reason or another. Two are island counties (Nantucket and Dukes (aka Marthas Vineyard))


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Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Do you have plans to try and get to Hawaii/Alaska? See a game in Barrow, AK
Barrow is on my list. Alaska and Hawaii both start in early August so that's about when I would be able to make such a trip. I have a 3 year old right now so I want her to be a bit older to remember and enjoy such a trip. So maybe when she's 9 or 10 that will be my plan.


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And I still haven't found a stadium to see a game that i enjoy more than Wolverine Mountain in Sheffield, PA. The school is built in a valley and the stadium is located behind the school. From the field, you can't even see the top of the school. At least until the latest renovation made the gymnasium just a tad taller.

But, the mountain is Wolverine Mountain, and they play on that. And lacking for a better name, "Wolverine Mountain" is where they call home.

LCF finally got to see a game here this season and I'm sure he can attest that it's one of the best, most surreal venues to watch a game. Even if the team isn't that good. Most of the time.



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And lastly, with this year's photos, here's my top 10 of my top photos of all-time before this season. Some were back in cellphone/cheap point-and-shoot digital days. So, keep that in mind.

Grass Range/Winnett (MT) v. Rosebud (MT) -- 2011
Wish I had _a_ camera back then. This was with my blackberry.

NJSIAA Regional Finals -- MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ -- 2012

Shaker Heights v. Stow-Munroe Falls -- 2014

Cupples Stadium, Pittsburgh City League's home stadium for all six teams -- 2018

Bucktail (PA) v. Nativity BVM, Dwyer Field, Renovo, PA -- 2018
Bucktail is the smallest school in PA that plays football without being in a co-op. Their school is located in a steep valley. The views from all around are incredible.

Buffalo City Schools' All-High Stadium, located behind Bennett High School. South Park v. Maritime/Health Sciences -- 2018

Reynolds (PA) v. Maplewood (PA) at RHS Stadium, Greenville, PA - 2018

NYSPHSAA Class 2A State Championship* -- Rochester Aquinas v. New Rochelle - 2018
Pretty Fast for a Man In a Cast. Accidentally shot this at slow speeds, but the focus still held.
*-- In NY, the NYSPHSAA goes from D, C, B, A, to AA from smallest to largest classes.

NYSPHSAA Section 6 Championship -- West Seneca West v. West Seneca East, New Era Field, Orchard Park, NY
Just liked how the lighting worked out for this one.

NCHSAA State Championships - Carter-Finley Stadium, Raleigh, NC -- 2018
On a dreary, rainy day huddled under the upper deck overhang, this was easily the best shot of the weekend.

For all of my favorites, you can click HERE.

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