2019 Last Man Standing (Week 7)


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Okay, the Browns game threw me off this week. So didn't get them done.

You should know the routine. If your pick last week was correct, submit a pick for this week by Thursday October 10th at 7pm.

I'll hopefully get the results up later today to determine who is out.
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Okay, a little late getting this together. So, forgive me.

First, and foremost, we need to get through a few issues.

High School84 was advised to pick two games and the better of the two would be used against the field. I ACTUALLY meant, the worst of the two.... but I didn't say that. So, despite him getting one of his two picks incorrect (Greeneview over Southeastern), his Greenon pick was 13 points off. And advances him to next week.

Worm02 had to pick two games, with a combined margin, because they were late getting their pick in. Their combined margin was 33 points. Placing them easily as the worst of the week. They are out.

And lastly, ex_dc_atc was advanced to this weekend via a makeup pick, but failed to submit a pick. They are out, now.

Because we have two participants out for other reasons than margin, only ONE participant is out for margin.

And that dishonor belongs to Spread All Day who had picked Poland to win by 14 over Girard. They won by 38 and were off by 24.

The Lucky Duck of the Week award belongs to a_td for picking Fort Loramie over Bethel by 37, but they won by 59. Off by 22.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, CoachRuxin nailed their pick of Troy over Stebbins by 35. Also, TroyTrojan05 and YODA14 hopped on the Troy bandwagon, both being off by 1 point on margin. One going with 36, and the other with 34.


Result    Pick    Margin   
13    50    63    High School84
DNP    DNP    DNP    ex_dc_atc
33    0    0    Worm02
24    14    38    Spread All Day
22    37    59    a_td
21    35    56    Jaws31
21    31    10    PeterDragon
20    42    62    doubtme
18    32    50    HE74
17    42    59    ReadyKnightsFan
16    47    63    danville96
12    35    47    dnis30
11    42    53    theterribletowel
10    28    38    Qwertyqwerty
9    40    49    kyles_mom
8    41    49    E.S. Furgeson
8    37    45    nupanther
7    49    42    LICKING COUNTY FAN
7    42    49    TheDude89
6    32    38    NEOsportsfan09
5    30    35    BoltsFan06
3    44    41    hammer89
2    38    36    iwasthatguy
1    36    35    TroyTrojan05
1    34    35    YODA14
0    35    35    CoachRuxin
For those still in it, your picks are due by 7pm on Thursday, October 10th.

Good luck everyone.