2019 La Salle Lancers


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Its also crazy to think 3 of these players have over 53 starts as a Lancer, Bledsoe, Doerger, and Porter all three started as freshman at the beginning of their seasons. Almost all had playing time as freshman as well.
Doerger had 50 (10, 10, 15, 15). I know Porter had 52 (15, 13, 9, 15). I didn't know Bledsoe reached 50 as well, although I know he went in at linebacker during the Moeller game in 2015.
Luke theiman LB this year has to be up there as well as one of the best LB. Its hard to fill the shoes of the three headed monster (Ingle, Uran, Bledsoe) but i believe he did a great job doing it with Roberto-Bailey stepping up as well.