2019-20 Coaching Carousel


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Here is my prediction: he will recruit much better than Morris but will struggle with another roster transition from Morris' system and the build Chad recruited. He will give them hope for 4 years bc they will recruit better but will be fired in year 4 and the next coach will come into a much better position and will go on a run of being 3rd or 4th best in the West.


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Jeff Hafley is taking over the Boston College gig. Good luck to him as this is one of the toughest jobs due to no solid geographical recruiting base to build from and the facilities are mediocre at best.

In related news there is talk that Kerry Coombs may be coming back to tOSU as the co-defensive coordinator. It sounded like Day wanted Chris Ash originally but Tom Herman is desperate and is over paying Ash to help save his job.