2017-18 Great Lakes Hockey League

Not two different teams like Gilmour, the Wildcat Varsity is labeled a "Prep" team (whatever that means), but pretty sure all players are regular Ignatius students and eligible in OHSAA.

No league affiliation, they just travel, for tougher competition I guess. Only played a few Ohio teams.

It's kinda opposite what you might expect. They have the willing opponents in the GLHL, but they went a different direction. Reminds me of the LeBron years at STVM.

A Senior and a Junior scored goals against St. Edward on Saturday. It's not all youngsters.
They were a better team through and through, Ed's struggled to control the puck, came in very physical but had next to no offense. I haven't seen a Wildcat team be that better than a St. Ed's team in a long time. Score was only 3-0 but the Eagles didn't have much going for them.

The Cats have been markedly better the past few years. I don't think we've beaten them since 2015. It appears to me that going the "Prep" route was to cater to the upper echelon talent that in the past have been inclined to opt for Juniors instead of sticking it out at the local level for four years. Travel and play top competition and then finish it off a State Championship. They're having their cake and eating it to. I think our Eagles have some decisions to make in the near future.
I guess while I would say they were better, it was still pretty even, that even goes back through the late 2000s. Their MO seemed to be more talent and crisper passing while St. Ed's was the old school knock'em down and out physical a team. There were years when Iggy swept the regular season series only to lose to Ed's in the playoffs. It was easy to admit to then, losing 1-3 games to them during the season with tournament games but winning in March, now it that is not the case. I agree, I think some decisions have to be made about how they are going to compete.
Could someone explain to me, living 2000 miles from Cleveland, what went on with the Ignatius hockey team this year? The Cats had great teams the past few years, but now I read that the team is made up mainly of sophmores and freshmen. What happened to last year's sophmores and juniors? And it seems that the Cats are playing a semi-professional schedule this year. What's up with that? Are they in some type of prep league like Gilmour? Are some Ignatius kids allowed to play in the State tourney? You can see I have lots of questions, but I, as an Ignatius alum, don't like the direction the hockey team is taking.

The Cats are doing well. They have 4 teams and that gives them lots of depth. I think the schedule is simply their way of getting better competition. Really, over the past few years, only eds, US, Franny, and a couple more teams are at their level. Not sure how long this will last but it's been fun.

The prep team has 1 freshman, 9 sophomores, 6 juniors, and 4 seniors (give or take a kid). What separates this team from others in the recent past is that sophomore class. Win or lose in Columbus this weekend, this soph class is excellent. They will win a state title or two more (hopefully 3).

Go Cats!