2014 Varsity Football schedule...


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Aug.15 Scrimmage at Wadsworth vs. Hudson & Wadsworth
Aug.21 Scrimmage at Millersburg West Holmes
Aug.24 Springfield
Sept.5 @ Tallmadge
Sept.12 @ Amherst Steele
Sept.20 vs. Ak. North
Sept.26 @ Barberton
Oct.4 vs. Ak. East
Oct.10 Kenmore
Oct.17 Buchtel
Oct. 24 Firestone
Oct.31 vs. Ak. Garfield


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Don't know anything about Steele any more, they used to be a power. I look at the schedule and think it could be a 9-1 or 8-2 campaign again for the Ellets. Tallmadge should be really good this year, and from what I saw from another thread around here, North is going 7-3, so look it out, Ellet!


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How u guys looking this year. Appreciate the Tallmadge plug but if you can run block as well as you did last year it will again put our defence to the test.
You had a strong season last year and hope to have another competitive game this year, of course im going to root for the guys in blue.
Good luck