2007 Dream Team


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Let's Hear it.

Pick two players in the class of 07 from EACH region. Who would they be?
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From the West OH Derek Benson (fairborn) and OH Nick Strasser (Centerville)....the best all around players in the region. Look for both to make a run at 1st team all state
why do you need players from each region. how about the 6 players who make 1st team in the south. thats my dream team. then maybe valencia or mt. vernon person
Whoever you are I CANNOT believe you just said Valencia........Probably the weakest middle for his size EVER to play the game...No way he even makes first team all West Region...and really 6 players in the south??? Get out of the little bubble you are in and look at the whole state. Show the rest of the state a little bit of respect, they may not have the best teams but there are great players out there. I've seen people play from all around ohio and yes theres at least 3 players from the south for sure on the top 6 or 8 list. . maybe a 4th somewhere but I couldn't tell you his name. I'd throw in Benson, Strasser, and Blubaugh and theres your top 6. A legit 1st team all state prediction..minus one from the south, plus one from the north

1st team all State (should be):

Lee Meyer (S)
Danny Brandle (S)
Drew Kurtz (S)
Derek Benson (W)
Nick Strasser (W)
Pat Blubaugh (E)

1st team all State (in reality)

Danny Brandle (S)
Drew Kurtz (S)
Derek Benson (W)
Nick Strasser (W)
Pt Blubaugh (E)
North Player of the Year (N)
If im not mistaken Averbeck did not even make attack 18-1. He is very good still but he is not among top 6 or however many in state
crusader23 Danny Brandle and Brad Gerbus both from Moeller

^ thats a joke right? Because if not idk who you have been watching becasue Brad Gerbus probobly wont even make Moellers team this year
I Think he's deserving...But it would be very very difficult for two players from the same team make First all state. From past performances, Danny Brandel has won the race
pat blubaugh from mt vernon can sky and gets some sweet kills, but the rest of his game is inconsistant....not sure if he'll be the best or not from the east!
no im not saying that danny brandel isnt good im saying that brad gerbus sucks at volleyball. Brandel is deffinetly one of the best in the state but Gerbus wont play and probobly wont even make moellers team
Blubaugh can get uncannily high... I was in awe when i first saw him jump. Also his jump serve is like a rocket when he is on one of the hardest i have ever seen as well
amen Fif Blu can just jump out of the gym, played with him, havent seen him since summer time but the kid was only getting better everyday and if he continued learning and getting better with club and has a good year at Mt Vernon which i see both happening, the kid will be amazing
All State Possibilites
Lee Meyer or Danny Brandel (clearly both should be on the team, but in reality they both wont make it), Drew Kurtz, Nick Strausser, Derek Benson, North Player of the Year, and Blubaugh will win State POY along with first team all state.