15u Lake Erie Warhawks (Carevic) - 2020 Season


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The (soon to be) 15u Lake Erie Warhawks (Carevic) are looking to add 2-3 premier/D-1 caliber players for the 2020 season. We will be a tournament-only team, competing in some of the top tournaments in Ohio with 2-3 "out of town" tournaments, and 1-2 of those being out of state.

I will most likely be unable to attend the Lake Erie Warhawks organizational tryouts, so contact me directly at ncbaseball33@gmail.com for a private tryout.

Nick Carevic
curious how current 14u players expect to know that they are "D1 caliber players". how do you know that they are/are not? guys have not played HS baseball yet.


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We played the 14U Carevic team yesterday in a tournament championship game. They beat us :( , but they they were a very nice team. The kids and coaches were classy, and they played the game the right way. They encouraged their own teammates, had fun, and didn't disrespect their opponent. Sometimes teams that are that good forget how to respectfully interact with players of the opposing team during a game, but our kids enjoyed the battle we had with them and had some friendly conversations on the basepaths, etc.
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