15 Modern-Era Player Finalists Announced


Go Buckeyes
  • Steve Atwater, Safety – 1989-1998 Denver Broncos, 1999 New York Jets
  • Tony Boselli, Tackle – 1995-2001 Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Isaac Bruce, Wide Receiver – 1994-2007 Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams, 2008-09 San Francisco 49ers
  • LeRoy Butler, Safety – 1990-2001 Green Bay Packers
  • Alan Faneca, Guard – 1998-2007 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2008-09 New York Jets, 2010 Arizona Cardinals
  • Torry Holt, Wide Receiver – 1999-2008 St. Louis Rams, 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Steve Hutchinson, Guard – 2001-05 Seattle Seahawks, 2006-2011 Minnesota Vikings, 2012 Tennessee Titans
  • Edgerrin James, Running Back – 1999-2005 Indianapolis Colts, 2006-08 Arizona Cardinals, 2009 Seattle Seahawks
  • John Lynch, Free Safety – 1993-2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2004-07 Denver Broncos
  • Sam Mills, Linebacker – 1986-1994 New Orleans Saints, 1995-97 Carolina Panthers
  • Troy Polamalu, Safety – 2003-2014 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Richard Seymour, Defensive End/Defensive Tackle – 2001-08 New England Patriots, 2009-2012 Oakland Raiders
  • Zach Thomas, Linebacker – 1996-2007 Miami Dolphins, 2008 Dallas Cowboys
  • Reggie Wayne, Wide Receiver – 2001-2014 Indianapolis Colts
  • Bryant Young, Defensive Tackle – 1994-2007 San Francisco 49ers


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Regarding TP of the Stillers……..

Rod Woodson is my all time favorite, but I have never seen a defense change so dramatically when one person went out then when TP was not playing.

He was as big of a difference maker on defense as I have ever seen in terms of making plays and what the defense could run. The guy was just uncanny on what he could do on the football field.


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Agreed. Almost like there were two TP’s. He’s a no brainer and is probably in the discussion as GOAT as a safety.


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Is Tony Boselli the Gale Sayers of offensive lineman: a dominant player whose career was cut short by injury?
Polamalu, Faneca, and Hutchinson deserve Hall of Fame status without question. I'm not sure I see it for anybody else on that list to be honest. Maybe Atwater? Comes back to is it a Hall of Fame or a Hall of Really Good?

The Butler

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The first of the Centennial Class was announced tonight. Former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher.

The other 14 will be announced on the 15th starting at 7:00 am on "Good Morning Football".