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  • Hello Fred, Can you tell me how to get a few ppl into the Ref class before the Autism tournament? I'd like to get my son in the class and I've spoke to a few others who may be interested.
    Please give me details if you can.
    Thank You,
    Refman I will not argue with you online, I was out of line with some of my post so I apologize. I really did believe the flying squirrel was illegal in folkstyle and I do not disagree that the Mayfield wrestler was slammed. You stayed that I celebrated a wrestler being hurt, I thought the match was over and my son had just beaten a kid who beat him 10-1 the year prior. I was cheering my son on and when Beach told me you threw me out because of celebrating an injury I thought you were lying to him. Now that I watched the film I can see where you thought I was celebrating an injury because I did yell my son name and say way to go. I really did believe he won the match at the time. As far as yelling at my daughter maybe 1 of the 3 refs sitting on the side of the mat keep time and eliminate that problem. As far as I concerned I over this situation and will not post on this subject again
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