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  • Coming from a Greenon Fan, what really can you even say? When was the last time you had a team in any sport have a winning record ? BTW since Tipp joined CBC they are tied for the most CBC titles in football, and only relevant in 2 sports? Lmao, baseball we won CBC and districts 4 years in a row from 2011-14. We had one terrible year in basketball and now we are a joke ? How bout the late 2000's when we won multiple CBC's. Don't get me started about Girls Basketball where we have had two teams go 25/0 in the regular season in the past 5 years, hey let me mention that last year we won THE STATE CHAMPIONSHP in Cross Country. We have also been to state in Volleyball and Softball in the past 6 years. Both our boys and girls soccer teams won their district last year and are top 10 in state this year. man oh man are you ignorant
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