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  • Interesting thread about coaching the several days.
    I don't read Yappi quite as often, now that my sons are out of high school, and this hit a nerve.

    It prompts me to do a bit of wrestling networking for my middle son, Ben Heyob, who graduates today from Kent State. He's a natural teacher and coach. Ben is actively looking for a teaching/coaching role for the next school year here in SW Ohio (or anywhere else, but you know what I'm pulling for).

    His degree is middle childhood education (4-9) in social studies and English. If you know of anything, would appreciate a heads up.


    God bless!

    Ray Heyob
    Right now I'm waiting on Canal Winchester to accept their contract. I should know something soon. Email me at tankandcrystal@roadrunner.com
    I'm assuming you are the coach at Cambridge. Wondering if you guys have any openings for your tournament in December? I'm the head coach at Bloom Carroll and we would be interested. My numbers are usually low, but I'll have some tough individuals. Thanks
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