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  • I would like to see Beverly at 160, Kaleb is good but I feel Beverly could make it interesting��
    He doesn't have to make 152 to win it. And i don't think he will beat Romero, however, I would like to see this match-up. At 170, he walks through the district and it sets him up with a semi-final and final bout with Sorboro (Rootstown), Handwerk (Luth. West) or Steiner (Norwayne).
    Matches up better with Hoskins than Lacure .bev will get bonus vs Hoskins, Hoskins to complacent for him. Dc doesn't want that matchup, now on the other hand, Carr is very dangerous imo!! He will be a big scorer for them!
    I hear Bev will be at 145 or 160. I like 145 just because he would be bigger there and clearly atleast 2nd best.
    Oh nah - I didn't take it that way at all! I'm just trying to keep the conversation neutral so some teams aren't intimidated to enter. This will be our one and only big fundraiser of the year, and it just so happens to have State Qualifying implications. So not only do we want it to run smooth for it's first time out of the shoot - we want teams to come back again and again and have a great experience with us as well as the OAC. I didn't feel one up'd at all, I was genuinely impressed because you're a power house at the state level in wrestling.
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