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    2023 State Duals

    Free scheduling points against quality competition... even if they can't win it all, why drop?
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    District-to-state tournament production chart for 2022

    You just posted on like three threads that the Enquirer listed 10 DII and 3 DIII placers from Cincinnati and then claim that Cincy had more to do with 34 placers than Dayton did.................................................. Unless you are grouping into three areas (Cincy, Dayton, Country...
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    OHSAA To Vote On Age Rule

    Current rule says that participation must cease on the day the student athlete turns 20, correct? I find it interesting that they are going to approve and want to enforce an age restriction that includes all the various sport's season starting dates.
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    DII - Wilmington - Thoughts and discussion

    Last D1 cut off was 353 for Duals and 363 for Individual... Who knows what the state will use moving forward since the State Duals are gone... Sounds like you'll have to wait until June to know for sure Coach
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    Are spectators allowed to bring unopened bottled water to the wrestling state?

    I carried in a prime rib dinner from Logan's Steakhouse, a two liter of mountain dew, and some doritos my senior year for the finals... put it in a plastic bag, dampened some singlets with water from the hotel sink and put those on top. The lady checking wrestlers' bags wanted nothing to do...
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    Rule Changes, what would you change or create?

    Remember that it has to be a Fair Catch... so by intentionally punting the ball so that it bounces or goes out of bounds, the free kick cannot be granted.
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    Rule Changes, what would you change or create?

    Not entirely correct. The attempted FG has to reach the end zone. Otherwise it is treated like a punt.
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    Rule Changes, what would you change or create?

    This is what I was referencing with the XFL style kickoff.
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    State tournament weigh in/out

    My apologies for cluttering your post with my banter... In the past this weigh-in session is a rolling time period for wrestlers to check weight and make weight for Day 3 of the tournament.
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    State tournament weigh in/out

    If you're weighing out on Saturday night, that means you are placing... so its a good problem to have
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    Rule Changes, what would you change or create?

    XFL Kick-off format
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    district seeds or random

    Ok, final answer here (for now...) There are 48 different bracket combinations. Due to the cross-bracketing of losers from the Championship Quarterfinals into the consolation round 2 lines, the bottom orientation (or pairing) of the bracket does in fact matter. Here it is with the crayons for...
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    district seeds or random

    Same diagram, just with proper line placements:
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    district seeds or random

    I believe it would be 24 different bracket sets, because once the 1st group of 4 is determined, the other 12 lines have to be a matching pattern of 1v4, 2v3 based on the 1st quarter bracket. (The bottom half could be flip-flopped, but that doesn't do anything in terms of creating a "new"...