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  • I think the Stadium structure should stay. Sandblast, paint, new seats and a remodeled press box. Find a way to display the great history of Elyria Football (West included) as well as the great track athletes that have come through there.

    Spend some money on giving the kids a very nice locker room facility along with some meeting rooms for the players and coaches.

    Turf would be pretty sweet, but not a necessity. The visiting bleachers need to be redone and scaled back a little bit. Add some nice trees in the available areas.
    Thanks for the reply-time will tell what/if the remodel will be...some want it on north side by LCCC (don't like the neighborhood and feel that it would get us in the southwest conference) some want a cosmetic remodel,some want a teardown and rebuild-we will see
    I'm a big fan of many teams in Lorain County. I root for Elyria as well as some other teams. Many in my family are either Elyria High or Elyria West grads including myself.

    With my current situation, it's a little hard for us to be involved in committees and things like that. I will promise that we will support any fundraising efforts that the group may put together. Myself, brothers, uncles, cousins and grandfather played at Ely. It does hold a special place in my heart.

    Best of luck in your efforts and thank you. Its something that is long overdue.
    I see you are an Elyria fan- are you affiliated with the program,have kids on the team, or just a fan / i have a senior in the EHSPMB (band) and have been to all their games the past 3 years and enjoy the games. Also am involved with the Ely Stadium renovation(on hold til the new supeirntendant is picked)and are looking for others to help-if you're interested let me know. thanks, petev
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