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    Dayton Division 4

    3 SCAL teams still alive if you include D3 Anna
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    Dayton Division 4

    Very well coached
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    2/11 Scores

    Anna 54 Miami East 26
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    Ask the Ref?

    Team A makes a basket and calls time out. Player #10 checks in and enters the game for #11. Team A fouls Team B player before inbounding the ball, so no time runs off the clock. Team B player to shoot Bonus. Can #11 re-enter the game right away or does he need to wait until time has come off...
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    2019 OHSAA Unofficial Last Man Standing (Championship Round)

    1. Marion Local by 20 over Lucas 2. Anna by 21 over NM Springfield 3. Kirtland by 14 over Ironton 4. Elder by 10 over Pick Central 5. Trotwood by 7 over Mansfield Sr. 6. Licking Valley by 9 over Clyde 7. LaSalle by 3 over Mass Washington
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    Week 15 State Championship MAC & NWC Pick'em

    Anna Marion Local
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    Division VI State Championship: New Middletown Springfield (14-0) vs. Anna (13-1)

    He went back into the State Semifinal game.......................
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    Week 15: Which game are you headed to?

    D6 game
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    2019 OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 14)

    Anna by 21 over Mechanicsburg Marion Local by 14 over Patrick Henry
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    Division VI State Semifinal: Mechanicsburg (11-2) vs. Anna (12-1)

    Another running clock?????
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    2019 Last Man Standing (Week 13)

    Anna by 21 over Archbold Marion Local by 25 over New Bremen
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    2019 OHSAA Last Man Standing (Week 12)

    Anna over Fairview by 21 Marion Local over Ft. Loramie by 20