Wilmington d2 rankings


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Yeah I've heard he was transferring to Marysville then he was hurt his state finals match last year he was dq'd for illegal slam that looked like he knocked himself out I've been wondering what is really going on love watching him wrestle
He is most definitely a bad wrestler for sure but we will find out in a week and half


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wanted to update everyone that cares, i was 47/56 with my state qualifiers that’s roughly 84% correct on all weights who would qualify for state! hopefully i can return to doing this :)
Didn't think CH was at this district either. Missing a few guys imo.
106: Moser (Monroe)
132/138?: Foster (Ross) I think 4-6 is pretty open here
285: Brooks (Wilmington) SQ last year. Heavyweight should be a fun bracket to watch this year.

Foster ended-up beating Emmerson 4-2 in the first round, beat Kennington 11-0 in the second round, beat Devlin 7-2 in the blood round, and then beat Hibbs 2-0 for third. Lost to McClelland in the semi's and injured his shoulder in the process. McClelland ultimately proved at States how tough/good he really is!


Just rumors but I heard he broke his neck in state finals last year and won't be able to ever wrestle again heart breaking kid is a hammer hope it's not true
Oh man, I hate to hear that! I've seen him wrestle since junior high. Tough kid, always doing some crazy moves though, quite a career cut short if that's true